Cultivating Authenticity

in a Curated World

Why is cultivating authenticity so important in our culture? How do we stop the comparison game and choose gratitude in the everyday? What are the most powerful tools that can guide us back on track when we feel like we need to “curate” our lives for the sake of others?

In her journey to find peace in her own life, Margi had to take a deep look at what caused her to feel “less than” when she knew she had a beautiful life. She shares the lessons she learned along the way that have helped her to stay grounded and confidant in who she is.

Written from the heart with the hope that even one person can feel less alone, Cultivating Authenticity in a Curated World shines a light into the lies of perfectionism.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know the struggle is real.

In this book, I get vulnerable about my struggles with perfectionism. I talk about my childhood, motherhood, and marriage. I don’t have all the answers, but I do promise you’ll feel less alone.