I’m happy you’re here!

My name is Margi.

As an empathic freelancer, I help female entrepreneurs, creatives, and authors market their businesses through content and copywriting, copyediting, and social media management.

As an authentic writer, I inspire women to break free from perfectionism and live in the present.


I am a brown-eyed introvert, grammar nerd, writer, copyeditor, and social media manager. I live in a small town near the Canadian Rockies with my husband, four kids, and a hedgehog named Callie. You can usually find me with a mug of fresh-ground black coffee in one hand and my Kindle in the other. I believe that good readers become good writers.

Being quiet has made me a good listener, and I thrive on deep connections. We can skip the fluff and get straight to the meat. Although introverted, I care deeply about the people I meet and the stories they have to tell.  I have been writing since I first put pencil to paper at age 5, and I navigated most of my teenage angst through poetry. In junior high, a teacher recognized I was a “noticer of little things”, and I bring this gift into my writing because I believe life IS the little things.

A mom of four growing kids, I keep the peace within by embracing cozy, livable minimalism. I’m a chronic purger, organizer, and re-decorator. I seek a simple life that is rich with experiences and relationships. A few of my favourite things are hiking, travelling, trying new restaurants, and hanging out in my backyard on mild Canadian summer nights.

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