Depression. Yup, I Went There.

This is the face of depression. I figured I'd start with that and get the icky feeling out of the way. You see, I talk a lot on social media about it being ok to not be ok, I've talked about grief ... READ the POST

Managing the Introvert “Hangover”

Wait, is that a thing?! You bet your tail, it is! If you're an introvert like me, you probably read the title and knew exactly what I'm referring to. Or maybe you've never heard it before, but you ... READ the POST

I caved. (My Instant Pot story)

I've watched with a weird fascination as the Instant Pot craze took over the world over the past couple of years. As a minimalist, I don't generally jump all over a new product; I like to see how it ... READ the POST

Live Every Day

Summers on the Canadian prairies can be temperamental, quick, and in no time at all, a distant memory. Although I believe a Canadian July has the perfect weather, it is over so quickly and can be ... READ the POST